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How To Write An Essay Introduction

Essay introductions can be tricky for most students. As for their teachers, the essay introduction serves as an indicator of whether the text is worth their attention or not. Let’s be honest, we are scrolling down or closing websites with boring introductions automatically. And now imagine you’re requested to complete an urgent assignment that can affect your future grade – a great introduction here will come in handy.

Mastering how to write an essay introduction will set you up for success—not only in essay writing but in every other piece of writing. As a rule of thumb, your opening should be attention-grabbing, you want to start with something snappy—a question, citations, a hypothesis, an overview of the results or perhaps a summary. Whatever works for you, just make sure it engages the reader’s full attention. Your essay introduction should also serve as a roadmap for the whole text. Also, we can help you with “can someone do my assignment in NZ?” request.

Enough blubbering. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

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How To Write An Introduction Paragraph For An Essay

The first step on how to write an intro paragraph is to come up with a clear structure.  A well-structured introduction will help you to produce a sustained argument. Simply throwing facts and insights will not score you marks, unless presented clearly and logically. Below are four crucial steps to writing a powerful introduction:

  • It Should Be Attention-Grabbing

Your reader has read several essays before yours and already knows all the cliche introductions you might want to use. Therefore you should start your essay with something unique. That being said, always make sure it’s relevant to the subject and the rest of the text. Some of the most strategic hooks you can use to make a good essay introduction are, surprising statistics, rhetoric questions, facts, a short and concise story or merely a broad summary.

  • Keep A Formal Tone And Language (Don’t Overdo The Attention-Grabbing)

While we emphasize on hooking up your reader, this doesn’t mean that you should use informal style. Most academic essays are governed by stringent rules, and the intro is no exception. Unless your institution is quite liberal on how to write an academic introduction, you should always maintain a formal and yet engaging tone.


  • Leave The Reader Wanting For More!

To effectively engage the reader, you should leave some room for curiosity. Although a summary can be a perfect part of an essay introduction, it should be brief and striking. The goal of each sentence in your essay should make the reader curious about reading the next one.

What Makes A Good First Paragraph

How to start a paragraph is both an art and science. From the get-go, your first essay sentence should command the attention of the reader. Research has shown that essays with fascinating little known facts, legendary quotes, startling statistics or insightful personal question in the first sentence are more likely to engage the reader than those without. Thus it’s recommended to start your essay with any of the above.

Example Essay introductions

We thought it wouldn’t be fair if we go into how to write an essay introduction without giving real intro examples. As you browse through the examples given below, try to figure out which of the advice was utilized in the introductions.

  • Argumentative

The goal of an argumentative essay introduction is to state your own opinion regarding the topic:

Global warming is one of the root causes of today’s problems. Yet, very few people really care about global warming. One group of people acknowledges that we are killing our planet, and yet a vast majority fallaciously says it’s not a cause of human concern.


A persuasive essay introduction must be more personal and convincing, nonetheless, it shouldn’t sound like a sales copy.

I disagree with arranged marriages. This tradition of children not having the freedom to choose their life partners is dated and cannot be implemented in the modern world. There is more to a life partner than what parents discern no matter how much they know their child. True love exists, and it’s a matter of choice and not circumstance.

  • Compare And Contrast

This type of essay requires you to give a detailed comparison of two or more subjects.

When you look at London and Washington DC, there are obvious similarities. They are both capital cities of two world-powers. Nonetheless, they do not deliver the same experiences to their citizens and visitors. In this paper, we will take a closer look at the two cities based on their history, their culture and how their citizens live—highlighting all the similarities and differences they have.

The Takeaway

The truth is, there is no one size fits all solution to how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay—but often good essay introductions share the same qualities. By implementing these standards given above, you will increase your chances of success and boost your grades. You can also successfully apply these tips on how to write an introduction speech! Choose our Best Essay Writing Service in New Zealand!

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