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How to Write a Research Proposal

The number of papers college students write can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the papers can be confusing, and, as a student, you need to get the right information so that you can write the correct paper for the purpose you intend or the assignment you have at hand. In this post, we will address the question of how to write a research proposal. You will gain expert knowledge that will help you ith your “do my assignment online” request.

What is a Research Proposal?

As the name says, this is a paper you write to discuss the proposed research you would like to undertake. The paper should be short and concise, but also coherent. You need to cover the full details in the paper without sounding too wordy. The proposal paper identifies your area of study and your knowledge of the topic at hand.

A research proposal is a mandatory paper you have to write before you gain admission to the institution. It is part of the application process and must be submitted together with other application documents.

The proposal you write serves as an aptitude exam that gauges your abilities in the subject and if you are fit for graduate research. It is through this that your professor will tell if you are a critical thinker with outstanding originality. They will also know how capable you are to handle complex ideas and analyze them in a concise and clear manner.

Another purpose of writing a research proposal is that it will help your preferred institution to match you with the best supervisor based on your interests. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that you are clear in everything you write in your paper.

What Should You Include in the Proposal?

If you take a look at a research proposal example, you will realize that the format and contents do not depend on the level of education for which you are applying. The paper contains the following information and sections:

1. The Title

The title you provide is not fixed – you can call it provisional. This title can change later when you are conducting the research after gaining admission to the institution.

2. Abstract

This is a summary of your intended study. The abstract cannot be more than 100 words. It provides the information on the question you need to answer or the problem to solve at the end of the program.

3. Context

The context is the overview of the area of study in which you will be doing your research. This is the section where you will provide a summary of your knowledge in the given subject and any recent debates on the topic you will cover in the study.

4. Questions

The questions are the guides that will dictate your learning objectives. It is a good idea to choose a few questions (one or two) to narrow down your research to a specific topic. You can derive secondary questions from the main one during your program. You should also explain the approach you intend to employ in your study, i.e. theoretical, doctrinal, or empirical.

5. Methods

Explain in your proposal how you intend to conduct your study. The methods you can employ include interviews, field work, or visiting libraries or archives. You will also need to state where the resources you need are found.

6. The Significance of Your Investigation

This cannot be generic. You have to prove your originality. In a brief, explain why your research is of any significant value. For instance, you can explain how your findings can help bring out more details on an unclear topic or how it is the best time to study the topic you are addressing.

7. Bibliography

This section identifies the relevant and important works and resources you need for your research topic.

How Long Should the Proposal Be?

Averagely, proposals should be around 2,500 words. However, there is no specific upper or lower limit. Your college or funding organization can dictate how long you should write. It is best to get the information from the relevant parties. It is also ideal to check any research proposal sample you come across.

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Can the School Comment on My Research Proposal?

It is possible, and appropriate, to contact your intended university regarding your ambitions as you prepare your topic. The relevant staff member with expertise in the subject matter will identify your needs and check if your research falls under their strengths. They will then offer you support with a research proposal template or draft you will use to build your proposal for the official application process.


If you have identified the topic that you will be addressing in your research, it is time you write your paper. But knowing that this is a vital paper that will either allow or deny you entry into the school, you need to get it right. Our reliable essay writing service in New Zealand will help you write error-free proposals that guarantee your admission.

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